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Construction Update

Superintendent Belcastro, Board Chair Blanchard, Board Member Bergman and Board Member Eudy have requested that this information gets posted on the school website and Facebook page. If you have further questions please contact Superintendent Belcastro.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a Google Meet with a High School Teacher please reach out via email.

Secondary Special Education
Mr. Peterson: jpeterson@isd100.org
Mr. Lattu: alattu@isd100.org
Ms. Kittel: dkittel@isd100.org

Secondary Guidance Counselor
Mr. Holter: eholter@isd100.org

Mrs. Lembke: llembke@isd100.org
Ms. Krogstad: kkrogstad@isd100.org

Social Studies
Mrs. North: dnorth@isd100.org
Mr. Wargin: lwargin@isd100.org

Industrial Tech
Mr. Gustafson: cgustafson@isd100.org

Mrs. Wolfe: jwolfe@isd100.org
Mr. Moran: nmoran@isd100.org

Mr. Swanson: jswanson@isd100.org
Mr. Conover: tconover@isd100.org

Business Education/Media Specialist
Ms. Swanson: cswanson@isd100.org

Ms. Kidd: mkidd@isd100.org

Physical Education/Health
Mr. Zywicki: jzywicki@isd100.org
Ms. Niesen: pniesen@isd100.org

Mrs. Stensaas: bstensaas@isd100.org

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a Google Meet with an Elementary Teacher please reach out to your child's teacher via email or the remind app.

Mrs. George: ageorge@isd100.org

Kindergarten- 1st Grade Split
Mrs. Berger: sberger@isd100.org

First Grade
Mrs. Cass: ncass@isd100.org

Second Grade
Ms. Rowland: nrowland@isd100.org

Third Grade
Mrs. Vermeersch: tvermeersch@isd100.org

Fourth Grade
Ms. Fenlason: dfenlason@isd100.org

Fifth Grade
Mr. Tollgaard: rtollgaard@isd100.org

Sixth Grade
Mr. Mattinen: kmattinen@isd100.org
Mr. Korby: tkorby@isd100.org

Elementary Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Anderson: canderson@isd100.org

Elementary Special Education
Mr. Hinchliff: nhinchliff@isd100.org
Mr. Anderson: janderson@isd100.org

If you have questions please contact:

Superintendent Belcastro
(218)384-4274 ext 2003

Main Office Manager
(218)384-4274 ext 2000

Technology Director

If you have questions for a teacher or other staff member you can find their information on our staff directory page.