Our small school community provides an individualized, comprehensive education to promote lifelong achievement for all.

2020-2021 School Calendar

COVID-19 Decision Tree

Home Screening Tool

14 Day Case Rate

*Due to HIPAA rules the school nurse and office personnel are unable to notify teachers if there is COVID-19 in a families household. Please also notify your child's teacher if they will be absent.

Due to high case rates all grade levels have moved to

Updated Case Rates December 3, 2020

Carlton County: 189.65
St. Louis County: 151.74

  • Latchkey (Wrens Club) will continue to be on-site.
  • Mr. Gustafson's Technical Ed courses will meet at teacher/parent discretion. *Note these will be small groups.
The district will continue to closely monitor case rates. We are planning to return to a hybrid model as soon as case rates allow.

High School Distance Learning Schedule

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Wrens Club Update

Reminder: Teachers work hours are from 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. on Monday through Friday.

Students who work should be scheduling their work hours outside of the school day.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a Google Meet with a High School Teacher please reach out via email.

Secondary Special Education
Mr. Peterson: jpeterson@isd100.org
Mr. Lattu: alattu@isd100.org
Mr. Duncan: dduncan@isd100.org

Secondary Guidance Counselor
Mr. Holter: eholter@isd100.org

Mrs. Lembke: llembke@isd100.org
Mrs. Tracy: stracy@isd100.org

Social Studies
Mrs. North: dnorth@isd100.org
Mr. Wargin: lwargin@isd100.org
Mrs. Benson: jbenson@isd100.org

Industrial Tech
Mr. Gustafson: cgustafson@isd100.org

Mrs. Wolfe: jwolfe@isd100.org
Mr. Moran: nmoran@isd100.org

Mr. Swanson: jswanson@isd100.org
Mr. Conover: tconover@isd100.org

Business Education/English
Mrs. Swanson: eswanson@isd100.org

Ms. Kidd: mkidd@isd100.org

Physical Education
Mr. Zywicki: jzywicki@isd100.org
Mrs. Niesen: pniesen@isd100.org

Mrs. Benson: jbenson@isd100.org

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a Google Meet with an Elementary Teacher please reach out to your child's teacher via email or the remind app.

Mrs. George: ageorge@isd100.org
Mrs. Berger: sberger@isd100.org

First Grade
Mrs. Cass: ncass@isd100.org

Second Grade
Ms. Rowland: nrowland@isd100.org

Third Grade
Mrs. Vermeersch: tvermeersch@isd100.org

Fourth Grade
Ms. Fenlason: dfenlason@isd100.org

Fifth Grade
Mr. Tollgaard: rtollgaard@isd100.org

Sixth Grade
Mr. Mattinen: kmattinen@isd100.org
Mrs. Bodie: kbodie@isd100.org

Elementary Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Anderson: canderson@isd100.org

Athletic Update

Link to online waiver form

COVID-19 Health Screening for Athletes

Wrens Club Childcare

Wrens Club Registration

Childcare is available for students grades Pre-K to 6th grade on days that school is in session.

Location: Wrenshall School. Please use the playground entrance.

Cost: $3.25/hr per child (Tier 1 employees will receive this service at no cost during school hours.)

Questions? wrensclub@isd100.org

If you have questions please contact:

Superintendent Belcastro
(218)384-4274 ext 2003

Main Office Manager
(218)384-4274 ext 2000

Technology Director

If you have questions for a teacher or other staff member you can find their information on our staff directory page.


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