Health & Phy. Ed.


I’m Mr. Zywicki, and I’ve been teaching here at Wrenshall for 14 years.   I’ve also been married for 14 years and I have two children and a dog.   Some of my hobbies include bike riding, working out, and fishing.

I teach Physical Education and Health in the middle and high school.  I’m also the athletic director here at the school.  I’ve been the head football coach at Wrenshall for the past eleven years.

I love the small school setting and all of the advantages that go with it.  Our school is a great place for kids to get a well rounded education, and I’m proud of what we provide for our students.

My Class schedule:

1st hr-  Weight Training

2nd hr-  9th gr. P.E./Health

3rd hr- 8th gr. P.E.

4th hr- 10th gr. Health

5th hr- 7th gr. P.E.

6th hr- Prep

7th hr- Athletic Director


Please feel free to contact me at or 218-384-4274 ex 2109