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Pictured here are preschoolers in the library media center enjoying their weekly read aloud time with Miss Chloe!

As an academic learning center that supports the Wrenshall School curriculum at all grade levels (K-12), the library media center promotes appreciation for literature of all types and information literacy in multiple formats, including print and electronic. The library media staff is committed to assisting students, teachers, staff, and parents as they access, process, evaluate, and communicate information.

The mission of this district’s media center, a 21st century learning environment, is to provide students with the opportunity to become not only lifelong users of information, but also creators of information. The library will support the district’s curriculum and goals by collaborating with teachers, administrators, and community members; developing a collection that is representative of the community; and implementing literacy instruction for students.

Objectives of the Library Media Center:

The Wrenshall library media center aims to:
⦁ Create a 21st century learning environment that serves the needs of all stakeholders in our learning community.
⦁ Promote and support learning for all students, regardless of needs, skills, abilities, etc.
⦁ Educate students on how to be lifelong users of information, as well as creators of information.
⦁ Encourage collaborative learning, creativity, critical thinking, respect for self and others, and an appreciation for literature and lifelong learning.
⦁ Create a space where students feel safe, welcome, and accepted.
⦁ Support the curriculum by collaborating with teachers and administrators to ensure the most appropriate materials are available.
⦁ Develop a collection that is representative of our community.
⦁ Offer opportunities for students to broaden their knowledge and experiences by exposure to a collection that features materials representative of global diversity.
⦁ Implement literacy instruction for students, including digital literacy in order to ensure students are effective digital citizens who know how to safely and appropriately use digital tools, information, etc.
⦁ Curate, cultivate, and maintain a collection that is up-to-date, accurate, and representative of various viewpoints.

Please contact Miss Chloe Swanson with any comments, questions, or concerns at:
(218) 384-4274 ext. 3400

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