The Wrenshall band program starts in 6th grade.

6th Grade band involves students having small group lessons and full band rehearsals in the school band room. The program is open to all 6th graders and is considered an extra offering for our students.

For junior high and high school students we also offer a 7-12 grade band class. This is an elective class that can be taken for credit towards graduation. Students who participate in the 7-12 grade band will have the opportunity to perform in concerts, contests, and pep band for school events and assemblies. Students may also have opportunities to play in honor bands or other unique music specific offerings. The 7-12 band takes place during the 7th period, and arrangements can be made if a student has a class conflict but still wants to participate.

If you have questions about the band program or are interested in joining, please contact:

Tim Rahkola