Peer Challenge

Welcome to the Peer Challenge page!

So what is Peer challenge?

Peer challenge is based on the fact that students most often seek out other students when they are experiencing some frustration, worry or concern. Students want to help each other, yet they often do not know how to do it or what to do. Peer Challengers are trained and supervised to provide:

  • listening and understanding
  • friendship and support
  • decision making assistance
  • problem-solving assistance
  • referrals to professionals

Why Peer Challenge?

Peer Challenge empowers adolescents to deal with suicide, loneliness, low
self-esteem, decision-making/problem-solving and other issues that interfere with student
development and learning. Peer Challenge teaches young people the relevant skills to help combat
the impact of negative peer pressure.

How do Peer Challengers help?

Peer Challenges’ role determined by their training and by the needs of the student community
they serve also to make the school and atmosphere of the student body a better and more positive place.

​For more information contact:
Erik Holter at (218)384-4274