Wrens Club (Latchkey)

Beginning January 25th, Wrens Club will be open 6am-6pm and is available to anyone in need of care at a rate of $3.25/hr. *You must sign up by emailing a schedule to wrensclub@isd100.org AND your child’s teacher, in advance. (Students in grades 3-6 cannot be bused to/from the school to attend Wrens Club during distance learning. If childcare is needed, they must be dropped off and picked up.)

2020-2021 Parent Handbook

2020-2021 Financial and Schedule of Care Agreement

2020-2021 Consent Form

Childcare is available for students grades Pre-K to 6th grade on days that school is in session.

Location: Wrenshall School. Please use the playground entrance.

Hours: 6:00 am-4:00 pm

Cost: $3.25/hr per child (Tier 1 employees will receive this service at no cost during school hours.)

Questions? Email: wrensclub@isd100.org