Junior & Senior High Schedules

High School Distance Learning Instructional Schedule

To provide a modified high school schedule that fits the needs of our students over the course of distance learning.

Per the survey given out prior to the school closing, many students indicated that they would be accessing Google Classroom using their phones. Students will have data limits and will also need to adjust to working on a small screen.

High school students are still trying to maintain jobs at hospitals, grocery stores, and other essential businesses, and in some cases, their work hours have increased.

Our students will likely need to help care for younger siblings.

Many families have one device at home; everyone will need to share it to make work from home and distance learning for multiple children feasible.

All data indicates that too much screen time is not healthy for adolescents.

Many experts have weighed in that 2-3 hours of learning per day is the maximum given to students during these trying times.

Adolescents need help with time management.

How the Schedule Works:
The schedule follows a block schedule style of learning. Students will log in to specific classes each day for attendance, learning activities, lessons, and assignments. Certain classes, such as college in the schools classes, will still need to meet more frequently; however, with most classes meeting roughly every other day, students will better be able to manage devices, time, and data usage. The schedule for subjects remains the same for both junior and senior high courses, which will make it easier for parents to assist in their children’s education.

This schedule doesn’t reduce student learning; rather, it gives students the consistency and structure they need in keeping with trauma-informed education. We want our students to succeed without placing unneeded stress on them in an already overwhelming situation.

Printable Schedules

Junior High Schedule Grades 7-8

Senior High Schedule Grades 9-12