About Wrenshall

Wrenshall Public Schools Strategic Plan — 2021-2026

Belief Statements:

We believe:

  1. We believe in broad possibilities, small school setting, and inclusive to all.
  2. We believe in developing the full potential of all learners in an engaging environment where lifelong learning is valued, educational excellence is expected, and improvement is continuous. 
  3. We believe in respecting all students and celebrating differences.
  4. We believe that all students’ diverse learning processes and needs should be valued and encouraged. 
  5. We believe that learning flourishes when the whole child feels valued and supported through meaningful relationships.
  6. We believe in a partnership of learning with students, staff, and families.
  7. We believe every student has the right to learn and experience appropriately challenging and relevant opportunities.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Wrenshall Public School is:

A small school where WE cultivate big futures. 

Vision Statement:

Celebrating and investing in each student to lay the foundation for limitless opportunities.

District Wide Goals

  1. We will achieve the goals of the World’s Best Workforce [WBWF] for all students in the school district.
  2. We will continue to deliver high quality education to all students in the school district.
  3. We will develop and maintain talented and effective staff.
  4. We will create a coordinated and effective communication process throughout the school district and the community.
  5. We will provide equitable education for ALL students in the school district.