Phase 3 Construction

With phase 1 and phase 2 under our belts, we are excited to begin phase 3 of Wrenshall’s construction updates! These plans include the new Career and Technical Education space, which will be transformed from the old Rec Building, along with a new refresh to our parking lot and front entrance sidewalk.

The safety and success of current and future Wrenshall students is our top priority. These updates will go a long way toward ensuring our students are receiving the best education possible. Our CTE space will elevate the skills, programs, and classes we are able to offer, and the new front entrance configuration will make life simpler and safer for all Wrenshall Wrens and visitors.

Remaining true to our WrenStrong tenets of effort, respect, and belong, we are putting in the EFFORT to RESPECT the diverse needs of our students, enhancing their sense of BELONGING. Looking forward to these fresh, positive changes for the upcoming school year and for years to come!


Construction for the new CTE space has begun!

Parking Lot Construction