School Counseling Services during Covid-19

School Counseling Services during COVID-19 School Closure

Hello parents/guardians,

I hope this message finds you doing well and taking necessary precautions to social distance yourself for the overall well-being of all.  As we move forward with the Wrenshall School District’s plan to do distance learning for an unspecified amount of time (currently), I wanted to inform you of the best ways to reach me and details on counseling services that will continue to be provided to all Wrenshall students.

How to reach me:


As I will not be in the office regularly throughout the duration of distance learning, communication through email will be the best method. This will be my main avenue of communication with you and students moving forward.  With that said, I understand that it may be more convenient to speak over the phone for a variety of reasons.  In those cases, I request that you email your request to speak and I will call you in a timely manner.

PHONE: I will call you.  It will be listed as “Private”

When a phone conversation is requested through email, I will place the call to you.  The number listed will be labeled as “Private”, as I will be placing calls from my personal cell phone and choose to keep my number private.

**UPDATE:  If you try calling my office phone (218-384-4274 ext. 2008), it should automatically redirect to my cell phone.

ZOOM:  Zoom is a video conferencing tool that will be utilized throughout this time that will allow me to meet and work with students “face-to-face” for a variety of situations, as in-person meetings will not be possible.

Counseling Service DETAILS:

I want to assure you that Wrenshall School personnel are working extremely hard and following all necessary safety guidelines to ensure that your child/ren will continue to receive the highest level of education and safety.  I understand that this is new territory for ALL of us, so I hope common ground, respect, and patience is established when navigating this new path together.

School Counseling services will continue to be available, just in an online format.  My program encompasses three domain areas: academic development, social/emotional development, and career development.  Although I do not provide long-term mental health therapy, I do provide a school counseling program designed to meet developmental needs of all students.  With that said, I plan to provide continued instruction and support in the following ways:

  • Individual student academic planning and goal setting
  • Short-term counseling to students
  • Referrals for long-term support
  • Collaboration with families/teachers/administrators/community for student success
  • School counseling classroom lessons for grades K-6: this will be in collaboration with each grade level teacher through the use of Google Classroom

Wrenshall School WEBSITE:

The school’s website is filled with MANY educational resources that will continue to be available to you throughout this time.  I encourage you to visit the Counseling & Career Center page found under “Academics”.  This area is specific for sharing information on the following, but not limited to:

  • Grade level information
  • Graduation requirements
  • Career & Educational resources
  • PSEO information
  • Testing
  • Financial Aid
  • Community Service

Resources for Supporting Mental Health and Welness:

**PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL (Students – your school issued gmail account): I can’t stress this enough.  Students and parents/guardians alike, please be consistent in checking your email on a daily basis.


As deeper planning continues, I will do my best to update you on anything necessary.  Please do not hesitate to reach out in the following ways listed above!  Even though this is new territory for everyone, WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS TOGETHER.


Best wishes!

– Mr. Holter