Scoreboard Fundraising Opportunities

Why are we fundraising for a new scoreboard/shot clock?

The Minnesota State High School League recently enacted a rule requiring a shot clock to be installed in all high school gymnasiums to continue hosting varsity-level basketball games. Wrenshall’s existing scoreboards do not incorporate these required shot clocks and are not able to be economically retrofitted due to their age. As such, if our school is not able to replace our current scoreboards to incorporate shot clocks and comply with the new MSHSL regulations, we will lose the ability to host home basketball games. This ties into so much more than just student athletics. Home games boost school spirit for all students. They provide opportunities for various student groups and clubs to raise money through concession sales. They provide opportunities to bring our community together at our school to support our school and our students. Without home athletic events we lose these opportunities and so much more. We lose community — for our students, and for the greater Wrenshall area.

We are undertaking this effort to raise money for the purchase of new scoreboards with shot clocks because we believe that hosting athletic events at our school is important for the school, the students, and the community. Given the challenging financial climate surrounding the operation of a small school such as ours it is not feasible for these funds to be provided by the district. We are asking the community to support this important initiative, and to support our efforts wherever possible so Wrenshall can continue to provide every possible opportunity for our students to grow, for our school to grow, for our community to grow. This is an urgent need, as scoreboards need to be purchased by June 1, 2023 in order to prepare for home games at Wrenshall in the 2023-2024 school year.

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