Volunteer Opportunities

There are many exciting things happening at Wrenshall School which will bring lots of opportunities for volunteers.

More information will be added to this volunteer page so check back often for updated information.

Get involved

Together We Can Make a Difference!

Thank you in advance for volunteering your time for the students of Wrenshall School.

Contact: Debbie Bryce

Volunteer Ideas

  1. Some ways that you can help
  2. Take home work that needs to be prepared. Cut, sort, label, glue, stable, etc.
  3. Help coordinate parent volunteers for parties, field trips and donations.
  4. Put together and pass out parent information.
  5. Repair and sort damaged books, games and classroom activities.
  6. Make displays for special events or announcements. Decorate classroom bulletin boards.
  7. Connect with and support parents who want to help but need guidance.
  8. Make phone calls to set up field trips and special events.
  9. Make name tags with kids pictures on them for field trips.
  10. Help prepare and create a monthly calendar of class events.
  11. Make copies.
  12. Work at the school when needed.
  13. Find out what the teacher needs for their classroom and make a wish list to hand out to other parents.
  14. Prepare classroom center activities like file folder games or sight word boxes.
  15. Spend time reading with a child or a small group of children.
  16. Sort and put paperwork in children’s mailboxes
  17. Hanging and taking down artwork.
  18. Putting together work packets.
  19. Practicing facts with students.
  20. Reading a story to the class.


“Students Toward Education Program Success!”

This program is in partner with our Friends of Rachel Group. This dedicated group of students have partnered with the Wrenshall Volunteers to start an after-school homework help and tutoring program for students in grades 6-12.

We are looking for additional Volunteers that are willing to work with this group of students to offer additional group and/or individual tutoring.

STEPS will take place Monday- Thursday from 3:30 pm – 6:00 pm.

Students will be available to offer help in all subject areas.

For more information on this program, please contact Amanda Pfau at 218.384.4274 or Debbie Bryce at 218.391.1297.

All of Wrenshall Volunteers will need to have a background check completed. We can do this through Wrenshall School or through Volunteer Services of Carlton County.